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You may have a million things running through your mind...

  • How much will I even save?
  • What if the rates drop even lower?
  • What does it mean to refinance my house?

If you have these questions or others, and you're not sure if you should fill out a loan application just quite yet. You are in LUCK!

Mykala Mortgage is prepared to guide and answer any questions you may have about refinancing.

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We know everyone is starting this home journey from different places.

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You keep hearing rates are low, but IS IT THE RIGHT TIME FOR YOU TO REFINANCE? How much will you save each month if you do refinance? OR, maybe you have been wanting to remodel your kitchen but don't have enough funds for the project...maybe a CASH-OUT refinance could be the answer, but what exactly is a cash-out refinance? If you're almost ready but want to get some answers first, schedule your FREE, No Obligation Consultation so  we can help YOU feel comfortable, confident and secure with taking your next step.

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Mykala Mortgage Has Helped People For Nearly 30 Years Just Like You

"I bought my first home and then two years later, refinanced my mortgage with Jon and Emily at Dart Bank. I was so worried at first because I had absolutely no idea how to buy a house or what anything meant. John and Emily are such a great team, put me at ease the entire time and answered all of my stupidest questions with patience and genuine understanding. You can tell they love their jobs, and their clients. Through the whole process, I always felt that the decisions they helped me make were in my best interest for my particular situation. Through everything, I felt like I had a true advocate on my side. Now that I'm finished refinancing, I'm going to miss the upbeat attitudes and big smiles. I'll never choose another bank!"

— Ali


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